Tablet Update

Welcome to the Satellites Unlimited Tablet Update Page.
Below find documentation and files necessary to
update your Tablet.

1. Download the following APK files.
A. Adobe Reader download (AdobeReader.apk)
B. Application Protector download (eap_suidish.apk)
Click on the links above one at a time allowing the first
to complete the download and then click on the B link above
allowing it to download completely then continue to step 2.
2. Click on the "Menu" button then click on the "Stop Locking" button
3. Enter the password.
4. If your Tablet does not havethe "Stop Locking" button then click the
settings button and enter the password in the "Disable Locking?" screen.
5. Next click on the "Applications"  button.
6.  Click the  "My Files" icon.
7.  You will see a folder labeled "download"
8. Click on this folder to navigate inside it.
9. You will see the two files we downloaded in Step 1A and 1B.
10. Click on the apk file: AdobeReader.apk this will open the installer
follow the prompts and install Adobe Reader
11. Click on the apk file: eap_suidish.apk this will open the installer and you will be
asked if you wish to "Replace Application" choose the "OK" button to
proceed with the replacement of the Old Application Protector App.
12. Next, click on the "Applications" icon, scroll the desktop over to the right
until you see a green icon called "App Protector Pro"
13. Click on this icon to launch it enter the password you will then be told that
 "Protection Not Enabled" click the "Cancel" button
14. Click on the "Change Password Setting" button
15. Place a green check mark in the box next to "Enable Protection".
16. Click the "Home" button you will then see the new protected desktop with a Satellites
Unlimited graphic at the bottom of the screen then a pop up windows will come up asking
you to set the default launcher, check the box at the bottom to remember this setting then
click on the top icon of a lock "App protector".
17. Click  the "Menu" button
18. Click the "Update" button.
19. If the screen says you are not registered then press the "Press to Register"
20. Click on the "Press to Update setting" button.
21. Enter your first and last name next to the "Report Name" button.
22. Click the "Report Name" button.
23. Click the "Home" button.
24. The tablet is now up to date.